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One Sunday we were in Church, and then the next we weren't.  Offices suddenly closed.  Social distancing became a new and unexpected way of life.  Relationships that we nurtured face to face, person to person, both in the congregation and with our neighbors, became harder to maintain.

As we continue to emerge from that time of extreme social distancing, a look at the prayer list of 2020 reveals that much has changed as the circumstance of persons on that list has changed.  So, it is time to start fresh.

Our need to be in prayer for and with one another is important.  As Wednesday updates are published, there will be a button to submit names to the prayer list.  As the list re-grows, there will also be a button to download the list.

To keep the list fresh and up to date, names will stay on the list for about thirty days unless we are told otherwise.

Thank you for keeping the people of St. Peter's and our community in prayer!

To add someone to the prayer list email: