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   November continued to be a very busy month as is the case for most of this year.  The Pantry served 441 clients.  In addition to that, the Saturday before Thanksgiving, 233 turkeys and Lowe’s bags of pasta, vegetables, and fruit were distributed.  Total number of individuals were as follows:      Age Groups --  0-17 had 439 visits, 18-59 had 587 visits and 60+ had 292.  A total of 1,381 individuals were served.     Blessing Forward deliveries to rural areas was 171 and Feed Georgetown County delivered 50 bags to rural areas.  The various programs of Baskervill Food Pantry provided 662 bags of nutritious food plus the 233 turkeys to those who are food insecure. Once again a big shout out to all those who are giving of their time in leadership and commitment and also to those who bag groceries, pick up Food Bank food, recycle boxes and whatever needs to be done to make sure everyone has food when they are in need. And once again, thanks to everyone at St. Peter’s who help fill up the Pantry Can!  In November we donated $186.00 to Baskerville which brings our total thru November to $2,588. God Bless everyone and Merry Christmas!

Frank and Betty Harris 440-384-7182