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Lunch and Learn Thursdays! 
Diving Deeper in Faith 

Beginning Thursday, September 29, Pastor Greg will be hosting Lunch and Learn 
Thursdays from 11:00 – 12:30 in the Conference Room. Together we will dive 
deeper into our faith and share a meal together. 
Participants will bring their own bag lunch and each session will begin with a video 
presentation lasting 20 – 30 minutes followed by a guided discussion. 

The first series is How Lutherans Interpret the Bible guided by Rev. Dr. Mark Allen 

September 29 - The Word of God 
October 6 - What Lutherans Say About the Bible 
October 13 - Where the Bible Comes From 
October 20 - Interpreting the Bible in Context 
October 27 - Determining Right from Wrong 
November 3 - The Many Meanings of the Bible 
November 10 - Devotional Bible Reading 

Following a Thanksgiving break, sessions will resume on December 1 with Good 
God Questions: Taking On Really Tough Issues. This ten session discussion boldly 
takes us into the intersection between our faith and the world, addressing the 
places where we may be tempted to stumble over hard questions. 

December 1 - Why does God allow suffering? 
December 8 - What are bad answers to suffering? 
December 15 - What are some personal answers to suffering? 

Christmas/New Year Break 
Good God Questions: Taking On Really Tough Issues (Cont’d)…
January 5, 2023 - Do Jews, Muslims and Christians worship the same God? 
January 12 - Why did Jesus have to die? 
January 19 - How do I know God's will for my life? 
January 26 - If I am forgiven, why will I be judged? 
February 2 - What is the Trinity? 
February 9 - What about my child who is baptized but doesn't believe? 
February 16 - What happens to us after death? 
February 23 - What do we do with disturbing biblical passages? 
March 2 - How do I know the Holy Spirit is active in my life? 

Next we’ll dive into Faith Out Loud: Talking About What Matters Most. This series invites 
tongue tied Christians to speak of our faith story. 

March 9 - Your favorite passage in the Bible 
March 16 - A time of suffering in which God made a difference 
March 23 - How God makes a difference in your daily life 
March 30 - An idea of God that you find meaningful 

Holy Week and Easter Break 

April 13 - A person who made a difference in your faith 
April 20 - A time when you experienced grace 
April 27 - A time when God's people came through for you 
May 4 - A time when you were surprised by God 
May 11 - How God came alive in your life 
May 18 - A time when God felt present 
May 25 - A time when God felt absent